Ciate Chalkboard Manicure™

How cute is this Chalkboard Manicure? I’m currently debating whether or not to buy this from Sephora. I have been on a shopping kick lately and have to admit that half of those purchases have been impulse buys (I’m not proud). It’s $25 and I can just imagine all of the amazing designs and doodles that have endless possibilities. I’m not usually a fan of Matte nail polish, but I’m in love with this idea.  You can also fix your mistakes and start over again. I have to give it to Ciate for being so inventive! I heard this also comes with a little booklet with ideas for designs.051413_Ciate_BrandImageUpdates

This set contains:
– Mattnificent Matte Top Coat
– Chalkboard Paint Pot
– 4 x Chalk Pens in Teachers Pet (blue), Satchel (white), Jump Rope (pink), Recess (yellow)



Have you tried this? what did you think? What are your favorite nail trends for spring/summer 2013?



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6 responses to “Ciate Chalkboard Manicure™

  1. hey thats a really cool post and i really liked it. you should also check out my beauty blog

  2. that is so cool! what will they come up with next? lol

  3. Hi! I have it, and it’s not great. The chalkboard polish is very thick and difficult to apply. The chalk paint pens really, really need smaller tips! The chalkboard paint comes out sort of streaky, too. The kit comes with a booklet of adorable designs, but most of them are near impossible to do. I had a few friends over and we had a “chalkboard nails” party, which was fun. It’s a great idea and it’s fun to mess around with, but it’s really hard to make cute designs that actually look nice enough to wear in public!

    • That makes me really sad. Thanks for saving me $25, they come up with some of the cutest stuff, I just wish the formula was better. I appreciate the review!

      • You’re welcome! I’d say if it ever goes on sale, then it’d be good to get. The price now is just too much for the quality of product.

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