Influenster’s sunkissed summer 2013 voxbox

So excited about being pre-qualified for Influenster’s Sunkissed summer 2013 box. Let’s hope I will be chosen to review the products!sunkissed

Voxbox Description:

“Congratulations! You’ve been selected as a potential candidate for the upcoming Sunkissed VoxBox. Please take the pre-survey by clicking below to be considered.

Please note: this box will contain a product that requires additional care to ensure that each recipient receives the box best for her. This will require an additional few weeks for the selection and shipping process. Final recipients will be announced in June.”


Keep your fingers crossed for me that I get to participate in this box, it will be my first VoxBox!

Update (May 30th, 2013)- I just got my confirmation letter telling me that I was chosen to participate with this VoxBox and it will be shipping in mid-June! Yay!  

Have you received a Voxboxes or involved with ?

Disclaimer: I am receiving these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster. All opinions and thoughts about any product I review are my own.

21 responses to “Influenster’s sunkissed summer 2013 voxbox

  1. oOo so bummed I didn’t get an invite. I can’t wait to see your review so I can see what’s inside!

  2. this is my first invite I got the email today. wonder what will e in it

  3. hi i got an invite t i did not got any confermation after fill the survey…may b i m not selected….

  4. I got the confirmation for the Something Blue Voxbox, but I seriously wish I got the Sunkissed one. Your going to get beauty products, and that’s what I really want. 😦 But I guess I can’t complain, next time maybe I’ll get a better one.

  5. so what comes in a voxbox? this is my first one and i am getting the sunkissed one so i was assuming it would be sunscreen and items along that. Hope it is more makeup as I am not allowed to stay in the sun due to epilepsy medication:(

    • This is also my first box too! I’m not 100% sure about what’s in the sunkissed box, but when I did my survey it said something about face products, BB cream, and I think shoe insoles and probably other beauty products. They’ve had a couple different voxboxes and I think they all vary on different interests.

  6. I signed up not too long ago and got the pre-qualification survey, also! I was so surprised when I got the email saying that I would get the box! I really cannot wait to see it 🙂

    But I really wasn’t expecting it… since I’m still not quite sure how Influenster works, learning it’s ways! 🙂

    • I did not think I would be chosen to participate. I was in shock when I got the email too! I can’t wait when it ships in the next couple weeks, crossing my fingers for a box full of beauty/summer goodies!

  7. I was told I would be recieving one but still have not gotten it…should I be concerned?

    • I haven’t received my box either 😦 I don’t think they’ve shipped yet, even though they said it would be mid-June when they shipped. When I get my box I will let you know. I heard they’re a pretty small company, they have one person running all three of their twitter accounts from what I’ve heard. My fingers are crossed that our boxes ship soon!

      • what is going on with it? i was selected but nothing yet no email or anything for shipping info. I know being in baltimore it will take longer than west coast

      • I live about an hour and a half away from baltimore and I haven’t gotten any shipping info or my box yet. I wish they were more organized! It’s driving me crazy now that I finally know what the box has in it, because I was peaking on Instagram lol.

      • I finally got my box today, did you get yours yet? I didn’t even get shipping info but it finally arrived!

      • Yes i Did get mine today. I never got shipping info and it was at my door this morning. I guess they like to suprise ya.

  8. I was qualified for it as well as still haven’t received my box, I see you guys did though. Did it come UPS or standard mail? Is there alit of fun things?

    • It came standard mail, It also shipped from New York. There’s 4 things in the box, I liked the stuff in the box. I’ll be posting a picture here soon

    • lol @eastcoastglamm I just got the email with the shipping info this afternoon but we got our boxes Monday. I am new at influentser and just joined in late april so was suprised to get something so fast when I honestly have not done badges or anything just a survey. I feel bad because I hear people say they have done all their badges, social media and after a year still have nothing and then others who have had several boxes and do not do anything but the surveys. I am very confused on how things work and what I need to do to follow through.

      • Haha I got the same email! How sweet of them to send us tracking info lol. I also think it’s weird how they pick people! I have done a few badges, taken a bunch of surveys and only a handful of reviews. I think as long as you complete most of the tasks for the Sunkissed Voxbox and you take the survey when you’re done, you should be golden! I don’t think they really have a “system” of how they pick people to be honest. If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to contact me! Good luck!

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