The Julep Destination Mystery boxes are here!

Three mystery boxes available this month!

From the julep site : This month we created three boxes. Three times the mystery. Can’t decide? Grab them all — you’ll get different polish and products in each box.*

I love that there is absolutely no risk of getting duplicates of any polish if you get one of each of the three boxes! And that this is a once a month box that you don’t have to subscribe to – to get! No commitment, also it’s only $24.99 for $70-$200 worth of product! I’m loving the Julep nail polishes because they are very pigmented and I haven’t had any problems with chipping.


Each box costs 24.95


Miami Mystery Box is glitzy, bold, and energetic. Unpack $70-$200 worth of pretty polish and product.



The Hamptons Mystery Box is classic, preppy, and glam. Unpack $70-$200 worth of pretty polish and product


Laguna Beach Mystery Box is trendy, vibrant, and fun. Unpack $70-$200 worth of pretty polish and product.


Get your box before they run out! You can use this Link to order your Mystery box, Just search for Mystery box!

Julep Destination Mystery boxes
ALSO: Three boxes (one from each destination) includes a $600 gift card from the United Airlines to bring you one step closer to your dream destination.

Which one will you be getting? I’m tempted to get all three, I’m not going to lie! The Fact that all of the boxes have different polishes are so exciting!

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by Julep maven, I subscribe with my own money. All thoughts and opinions of this company are my own. I was not paid for this post.


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