Pawalla pet subscription box

I’m so excited to tell you guys about the Pawalla subscription box for cats and dogs! I was researching some different monthly pet subscription services and most of them only cater to dogs, which is unfair because my cat absolutely loved getting a box in the mail! Pawalla sent me their box to review in exchange for an honest review. All opinions on East Coast Glamm are always 100% honest and my own, as the writer of this blog.

Here’s a little information on Pawalla that I got from their website:

Pawalla is monthly subscription service for both cats and dogs. Each month you’ll receive a new Pawalla box featuring treats, supplements and more that is hand-picked by Pawalla’s pet nutritionist based on the size and age of your pet. There are two box options deluxe and mini.

The deluxe includes wet food 7-9 full-size products, Wet food, treats, supplements or vitamins, essentials, and a toy. Deluxe box is $30 with free shipping!

The mini box is 4-5 premium full-size products and includes a treat, toy, and surprise item(s) – No wet food included. The mini box is $20.

If you absolutely love anything in your box, you can go onto the Pawalla website and order it right there!

You can go to to order your own box!

We got the mini box and loved it! If your pet eats wet food, I would definitely go with the deluxe box though!


Hi, my name is Jazz, and I took it upon myself to try and open my box. I’m sorry, that I got cardboard all over your floor. (Well actually, I’m not sorry.)

Jazz is a 20+ pound Maine Coon Cat and I rescued him about 2 years ago. Can you believe his previous owners were going to put him down for a urinary tract infection?! INSANE! What is wrong with people!!!? He’s the sweetest cat, I have never heard him hiss at anyone. He definitely deserved his own subscription box!


Jazz, knew that this Pawalla box was for him. I don’t know if  he smelled the products in the box, but he went crazy! Rubbing up against me, following me while meowing at me- pleading for me to open the box. I had just gotten home from working out, so I wanted to take a shower – the heat index was 105 today! If you add the insane humidity and the week long heat wave, I was a hot mess. I put the box on the sofa and I took my shower, got dressed and went into the living room and found Jazz, trying to eat his way through the box! The box was now on the floor and he was still trying to chew his way into the box with me standing there.

Here’s a look at what was in his box :


I had to take this picture after we had looked at everything. He was too excited about me opening the box to get an actual picture of how everything came in the box.


As soon as I opened the box, he ran off with the cat nip in his mouth. I had to run after him and make sure I got it before he ripped it open all over the floor. It was like Christmas morning for him!
catHe had a lot of fun inspecting everything in the box and was going through the box so fast that I could barely keep up with him.
ice pups

*Honest Kitchen – Ice Pups ($13.99 for 16 packets)

the description from the

Ice pups™ are make-at-home grain free treats for dogs and cats. These treats are great for summer and can be served as a chilled refreshing beverage, or freezon the liquid in ice cube trays to make a healthy, puppy-sorbet!

I love that they this included packet to sample! I don’t think Jazz will go for it, but it’ll be perfect for my mom’s Golden Retriever, Charlie! It’s hot outside and I love the idea for the frozen treat!

Categories – Wobble Winder $5.99 retail value

Here’s the description on :

The Wobble Winder cat toy doesn’t need any batteries! Simply wind up the bottom of the toy, place on the ground and watch it wobble! The bright feathers swing and sway as the toy spins and wobbles, the egg shape allows for maximum movement. For cats of all ages.

As you can tell by the slobber on the feathers, I could barely get this out of the plastic. He really loves this! You wind up the bottom and it wobbles all over the place. He’s still playing with it!

West Paw Design – Catnip Leaf $3 retail value

Here’s the description on :

 The catnip will stay fresh and fragrant, keeping your cat entertained day after day! Rub a healthy pinch full between your fingers to release the aroma and sprinkle on a plate, scratching post, or even on their food. Catnip aids in digestion, is harmless and non-addictive.

This was his favorite thing in the box! The description card said that cat nip is good for the cat’s digestive system, and I didn’t know that! He loves cat nip and we are having a lot of fun with this!
 *Superior Farms Pet ProvisionsLamb Tweets $7.99 retail value

Here’s the description on :

Lamb Tweets are made of 100% all-natural lamb lung, with a crunchy texture perfect for cats. There are no artificial or added ingredients, just 100% pure lamb. Lamb Tweets are diced and can be broken into smaller pieces for cats who prefer bite-sized treats.

 I don’t know why this grosses me out. I didn’t read the description card before I gave him one. They’re lungs from a lamb!. They’re all-natural, but it makes me kind of queasy. Jazz didn’t like these, but I know my mom’s cat will love these!


I Love Catz – Sisal Rattle Football Cat Toy

Here’s the description on

This fun football shaped toy is made of durable sisal rope that is perfect for scratching. It also rattles when your cat bats it around, so you’ll always know where they both are –just follow the rattles!

He played with this for about 2 minutes. He likes the toy with the feathers better. He bats at it occasionally, but wasn’t as interested in this one.

He had to make sure that nothing was left in the box. He’s too big to fit in the box, but in true cat fashion, he did try to fit himself entirely in the box.

Jazz is a big part of my family! I can’t wait to get him another Pawalla subscription box. He absolutely loved it! I love that Pawalla is for cats and dogs. Most pet subscription boxes cater for dogs, but as you can see my cat absolutely loved it!

Have you tried any pet subscription boxes? What did you think of Pawalla?

Disclosure: I was sent this box from Pawalla for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions on East Coast Glamm are my own. I am not affiliated with Pawalla and there is no referral links in this post.


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  1. That is awesome! I’ve tried Barkbox for Capone and Dolce before, but cancelled because Capone destroyed the toys within 1-2 days (not made for tough chewers). I’ll have to check out Pawalla!

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