Ellie Fit Fashionista Club


Ellie Fit Fashionista Club is a monthly subscription for women’s fitness clothing and accessories! Each month you can pick out any 2 pieces from the online collection. If you can’t get decide what you want or if you forget about choosing something, they send you a surprise outfit based on your style quiz. You can also skip a month! It’s $49.95 per month at Ellie.com

It comes in a really cute, bright pink envelope, kind of like the one for Ipsy, but bigger!


Here’s what I picked out:

 When I tried on both, they were a little tight, hence why I’m not going to take a picture yet in them for the world to see! I went onto the site and realized I should’ve looked at the size chart. They do run small. XS= size 2, S= size 4, M = size 6, L= size 8, and XL= size 10. I guess I just assumed I was a medium, like I am in 90% of everything else… but I was wrong. So my advice to you is always check the size chart when getting clothes online!

Photo courtesy of Ellie.com

Photo courtesy of Ellie.com

Solar Flare Leggings// retail value $79.95 -These were a little tight, but that’s more motivation to work out right?! I loved that these have a secret hidden pocket on the top of these. Big enough for my credit card or some cash. It’s always nice to not have to leave my wallet in a locker at the gym. I wore these when I worked out and ran about 4 miles in these and they were really breathable. I paired these with a long, loose tank top so no one could see that they were a little tight around the hips!


photo courtesy of ellie.com

        Ace of Spades Racerback tank top // Retail value $49.95-  it was a little too snug for me to wear. I put it on and it gave me some SERIOUS cleavage. Which is cool, but I think it won’t look that way after I’ve lost a few pounds.


 Both items are made very well! I love that they are pre-shrunken so they wont shrink after washing them. I actually wore the solar flare leggings with a long loose tank top when I worked out and I really loved them! I didn’t feel like they stuck to me and they were really breathable! I would compare them to the pair of workout leggings I have from Under Armor that I absolutely love. I think this is an awesome deal to get 2 items for $49.95 You can get 2 tops, 2 bottoms or a top and a bottom. It’s up to you! The best thing is, you get to pick everything out yourself!


The total of both items were valued at $ 129.90. I don’t really have the budget for spending $130 on just two pieces of workout gear, but I think $49.95 is a great value! The outfit is made really well and I think it’s going to last a long time! I’m excited to give my workout wardrobe a makeover! Check it out at Ellie.com



I was sent these products in exchange for a review. All opinions are 100% my own. no affiliate links or referral links were used in this post. you can check out the full disclosure here .

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