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Huge August Giveaway!

Hey guys! I’m back after shut down my site because they thought it was spam… I went into total freak-out mode and decided that it was time to actually own my domain and my blog and not rely on the having a free hosting site and wondering if my site will be shut down again. You can now find my blog at

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Coming up on the blog this week: Birchbox, Beauty Box 5, Blush mystery Box, Orange Glad, && Conscious box!!!


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Hello Three day weekend!

Hey guys!

I haven’t wrote a post in a few days and just wanted to say I’m not dead! I really hope all of you had an amazing 4th of July! I spend it with my little one and we enjoyed doing Sparklers and snakes! I know what you’re thinking, “She’s such a thrill seeker!”. Haha okay, well maybe not. I really wished we could’ve went down to the beach but I knew it was going to be CRAZY!


This week has been incredibly chaotic and crazy. I work at an international airport in the Washington D.C. area and with the 4th of July holiday that just passed, work has left me completely drained!  I love working with people, but when you work at an airport people are either in great moods or horrible moods — there is no happy middle. Summer time we see a lot more passengers than normal. This is my second summer at the airport and it’s even crazier because we haven’t been able to hire new people due to the economy. I work part time and I only have to work Friday-Monday so I can’t really complain. Hello three day weekend!


While I was at work, I looked at my phone and received an email from Erin @ Living in Yellow and I won one of her amazing giveaways! I was so ecstatic, especially after the day I was having. Let’s just say it started off horrible (i.e.Left my wallet at home and realized while I was half way to work, at the gas station.)  I don’t know how she does it, but her blog is so addicting! I definitely have blog envy and I love reading her posts about her blogging tips and her life. Go Check out her blog. Seriously, check it out!

I do have some exciting things coming up too! I will be doing a review on the one-year anniversary box from Popsugar! I’m looking forward to the July box and can’t wait to share it with you all! I should also be reviewing the Fabfitfun VIP box as well. I also have been working with some great companies and will be reviewing some new products and boxes soon! I also will be starting a weekly post about my weight loss/healthy lifestyle journey! Any suggestions are welcome!


I will be doing a giveaway soon!  I really want to thank all of the people that follow my blog, Twitter and Facebook page! It will be beauty products, stationary, gift card, and some other amazing products! It will be available for my US readers, I would love to do an international giveaway in the future! I have been blogging for three months and I’m completely hooked! I love all of the new friends I have met while blogging! While I do love all of my friends, It’s nice to have people that I can talk about beauty products and subscription boxes, and etc. without driving my friends nuts!


Has anyone been watching Dexter?! Whoa! I watched the last two episodes and I’m so sad that this will be the last season! I really think Dexter might die this season at the end. Maybe I’m just being crazy, but I think that someone will end up killing him. Maybe the Doctor in the new season? Anyone else feel like she’s also a killer? And a total 360 for Deb’s character! I’m glad that this last season is going out with a BANG! What did you think?


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Not my usual post

This is not my usual subscription or beauty post. I really want to expand on this blog and make it more personal and write about what’s going on in my life. I’d like to start posting more regularly either every day or every other day!










I can’t believe tomorrow is the 8th and final season of Dexter! I will be going through with-drawl when this show ends. I finally can say that I have watched every episode (thank you On-Demand). It makes me really sad when they cancel shows I love. On the other side of that argument, I guess it’s good to end a series when it’s still a good show and doesn’t end on a bad note. I may be weird but I love shows like Dexter. I wanted to be a Medical Examiner when I was in high school. Blood doesn’t bother me, there are things that do bother me (I worked in two hospitals for almost 5 years) but I will spare the details for the people with weak stomachs. I still have the shows Shameless and Homeland to look forward to when Dexter is gone. Are you a Dexter fan?



2. Coffee-Mate Caramel and Coconut

I stumbled upon this AH-MAZING coffee creamer while grabbing a few things at the grocery store. My first thoughts were “I LOVE Samoa Girl Scout cookies and I love coffee!” I didn’t have high hopes for this honestly. I poured some in a tall glass, put some 3 ice cubes in with it. Then started my Keurig coffee machine and let the coffee pour on top of the creamer. I took my coffee experience to the next level and made an amazing Starbucks-worthy cup of Iced coffee. I’m in caffeine heaven right now, don’t mind me. If Coffee-Mate discontinues this I will be so sad. Seriously the perfect summer coffee!


3. 4th of July

I can’t believe we are more than half way through 2013! Where does the time go?!?!? Independence Day is right around the corner and I am finally off from work this year to enjoy it! I want to go down to Washington D.C. to watch the firework show and take my 3 year old. The only problem with going down to D.C. of the 4th is it is insanely packed with people and HOT! 3 year old + Hot/Humid 90 degree weather + crowded+ Traffic afterwards = formula for disaster. I’m going to have to pass even though I would love to go. I would also love to go to the beach! I will probably just end up going to my parents for a small BBQ, and some fireworks – which is perfectly okay with me. What will you be doing to celebrate the 4th of July!?


4. Weight loss

Since October 2011 I have lost a total of 55 lbs. I went from 191lbs down to 136lbs in September 2012. Currently I am 147lbs because I somehow found myself back to my bad habits. I love food, I am a comfort eater and I enjoy eating good food. I crave salty foods over sweets. I can go without cake, ice cream, chocolate for good if I had to. I just need to get back to being on the right track and getting back to feeling healthy and looking good in my clothes. I don’t think I’m fat, but I definitely need to get my bad habits under control. I was never overweight until after I had my son prematurely at 27 weeks. I will be expanding on this goal of mine in future posts- including a “before pic”, weigh in, my action plan, and the story of my complications with my pregnancy. Do you have any weight loss advice that worked for you?



That pretty much is everything on my mind right now. What do you think of lifestyle blogging? I really think that just having one-two niches isn’t really my style.





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