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new subscription box- Poppy Parcel

Hello Friends!

I discovered Poppy Parcel when I was looking at some old Love Club Subscription box reviews. Poppy Parcel took over for Love Club in May 2013? This is Poppy Parcel’s very first box. I paid 19.00 + $1 to ship so a total of $20. The boxes ship from North Carolina, so I got my box fairly quick.

I ordered the first Poppy parcel subscription box and I honestly don’t know what to think. I like 2 out of 4 things in the box so that means it’s only half bad right?  I can’t really tell you a value of the box- since I don’t know where some of the items like the necklace are from.

Here’s my box:

photo (24)

The bubble necklace:

photo (14)

Beautiful necklace, only one complaint is that it was way too long for me.

Suntergrity foil sample packets “Natural moisturizing face sunscreen & primer SPF30  x2 :

I will try this and see what I think about it before tossing it in the “trash pile”. I like the idea behind this SPF- the packaging says “Suntegrity was made in honor of my mom and all of those who lost their lives to skin cancer. May you wear this sunscreen and smile in their memory.”

5×7 Coffee Print/business card/coupon from Penandpaint :

photo (23)


Isn’t this print beautiful? The business card is really nice too.


3 Hair ties from haute bands:

photo (12)


There were 2 coupons included in the box too.


Here’s my cons:

  • I feel like my box was packed in a hurry and looked really unorganized when I opened it.
  • I can’t justify spending a whole $20 on the products that were in my box. I don’t consider those hair ties or foil packets to even count towards the box.. I’m really disappointed.
  • There was only 1 paper product in the box.. I really thought there would be some more of those cute prints in the box, or something that would’ve made the box special.
  • I think the Love Club boxes had more of a selection and for less money.


  • The necklace was cute (it doesn’t really fit me right, but it’s cute)
  • I liked the 5×7 coffee print by penandpaint.
  • I like the idea that they are supporting Etsy shops


Final Verdict: This box gets 2 out of 5 stars for me. I know this is their first box but it felt like they were very unorganized. I wont be picking up July’s box.. but maybe that’s just me? On their Facebook page a lot of the subscribers really like their box. I hope this box gets better in time. I know the girls at Poppy magazine worked very hard to get the June box, but it just didn’t work for me. I will be patiently waiting for July’s box reviews! Who knows, I may give the box another chance in time, but for right now I have enough subscription boxes .

About the box:

You can check out the Poppyparcel website to find out more about this brand.





What do you think about Poppy Parcel?



Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored/affiliated post, I paid for this box with my own money and as always the opinions on the ECG blog are my own.