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Popsugar Must Have Box June 2013

Hello Sunshine!

My June Popsugar Must have box arrived yesterday and I was so excited to see it waiting for me after work! My pictures really don’t do it justice.


The front page of the description booklet that came with the box, I love that it explained everything in the box and why it was chosen for the box.

June 2013 pop sugar must have box

Here’s a detailed look at what was in this amazing box!

Revenge Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger retail price $25.99

I’m so excited to actually read this book! It also came with a bookmark from shopstyle.com . This is going to be perfect for sitting poolside or in the comfort of my air-conditioned home. It’s only early June and the humidity is killing me! It get’s so humid here that as soon as you walk out of the door, your hair starts to frizz and you feel sticky (Not very glamorous!)  I watched the movie “Devil Wears Prada” and loved it but never read the book. You can read the book sample in the July issue of Cosmopolitan out right now!

(I just spotted this book at my local Target and it was on sale for $18.99)
Revenge wears prada

Juice Beauty Stem Cell Repair MoisturizerRetails for $65.00

Juice Beauty is becoming one of my favorite companies for skincare. I got the Juice Beauty Apple peel in my May Birchbox and absolutely fell in love with it. This Moisturizer has a pump so you’re not digging your fingers into the tub and not contaminating the ingredients that makes it work! It has a citrus smell that I’m loving and a instantly hydrated my face as soon as I used it. I seriously wish you could smell this over the computer screen, it’s smells amazing!!!

The description that came on the card says “This rich Juice Beauty moisturizer utilizes its own blend of fruit stem cells infused with vitamin C and grape seed. It’s made with organic ingredients and proven to reduce fine lines and fight signs of aging plus it smells spectacular.”

+ 2 Juice Beauty CC cream samples in two different shades, Natural glow (light) and Warm glow (medium)

The description card says: “We also adore the Juice Beauty CC cream, so as an added bonus, we included samples of the two different shades Juice Beauty makes, so there’s one to match you and one to give to a friend!”


This is the top of the Juice beauty Moisturizer with the pump:


And the two Juice Beauty CC creams included:


Gorjana & Griffin- Zuma Scarf -Retails for $62

Also included was a $25 off a purchase at Gorjana & Griffin with no minimum purchase! I will definitely be using this and will be including this with the value of my box because I don’t have to spend any money in order to use it.

This scarf is gorgeous and my pictures don’t do it justice. Realistically, I don’t think I would’ve paid $62 for this, but I’m thrilled it came in my box! It has nautical navy blue and white strips and an accent pop of neon coral.

The description card it reads: “It’s cute and versatile and can be used as a head scarf or a sarong to cover up your bikini and hit the beach. Pair with a t-shirt and jeans for daytime, or let it add some personality to your go-to sundress all season long”


Hard Candy Fitness DVD- Addicted to Sweat 4 retails for  $19.99

I normally wouldn’t buy a workout video, but I’m glad this was in the box. It gives me no excuse to skip my workout when I can do it at home. I love throwing variety into my workout routine.

The description card reads :Want to know the secrets behind one of Madonna’s go-to workout routines? Use a chair and this DVD- and get ready to sweat. This intense but fun workout is aimed to sculpt, tone, and tighten the entire body.”


Project 7 Quench the Thirsty – Wintergreen mints retail for $1.79

I’m excited to learn about this brand of mints! Not only were these mints tasty and the packaging is adorable, I think it’s amazing that Popsugar added this into the box because it’s for a great cause. We definitely take for granted the fact that clean drinking water is so readily available for us. I couldn’t believe it when I read that more than one billion people worldwide lack a basic supply of clean water, and more than 1.8 million children die each year from water- and sanitation- related diseases.

The description card reads : “Project 7 is an amazing company that makes products that give back to a variety of charities in America and abroad. We picked these wintergreen mints, which benefit a project to bring clean drinking water to communities around the world. By choosing Project 7 Quench the Thirsty products, we are helping to provide clean water to people in need.”


Popcorn, Indiana – Fit  Sea Salt Popcorn $2-3 value ?

I thoroughly enjoyed this snack while watching the Bridesmaids for the millionth time!

It was really lite, and I’m really glad they didn’t put some crazy flavor in the box because I really loved the flavor of this popcorn. I love trying new healthy snacks. I think adding new snacks to your diet really make dieting enjoyable when you’re not stuck eating the same bland rice cake day after day. I’ve lost about 55lbs since October 2011 and it’s been really hard not to go back to old habits. I will be picking up another bag of these. They had a really light flavor but weren’t bland either.

The description card reads: “With 40 calories or fewer per cup, this is an addictive snack you certainly don’t have to feel guilty about. It’s all natural and gluten-free with zero trans fat. Try it to perk up your afternoon, or bring it out when you watch the big summer blockbuster.”


The total estimated value for this Popsugar must-have box was $202.00 (with the $25 gift card included)

I paid $30 for this box, with the promo code ” Refer5 ” . The box is $35 a month and there is an estimated value of $100 or more each month in the box. The box has a variety of things from beauty, home goods, food, books, fitness and a lot more. Most of the items in the box are Full-sized or Deluxe sized. This is the one box I get most excited about getting every month!

Next month Popsugar Must Have box turns one years old! I can’t wait to see what they’ll have in their boxes! This is the perfect time, in my opinion to subscribe if you’re going to. I had been eyeing this box for awhile and every month when a new box would come out I would be kicking myself for not getting it. In my opinion this box has a lot to offer and it seems to just be getting better. Right now you can use the PROMO CODE: Refer5 and get $5 off you’re first box! You can go to this link to order your first box: https://musthave.popsugar.com/  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

Do you subscribe to Popsugar Must have? What’s your favorite box that you’ve gotten so far?



Disclaimer: I paid for this Popsugar box with my own money. All opinions of these products are my own, I was not paid for this review.

Popsugar Must-have box June 2013 *spoilers*

Hey everyone!

I’m getting so bad about not being able to wait for my box to actually arrive and I’ve been searching for spoilers.  I just checked the shipping on my box and I should be getting it on Monday and I’m so excited, but had to share on some of the awesome things that are in this months box!

Here’s what I found out is  going to be in the June 2013 box:


Revenge wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger (Hardcover)- $15.10 value

Really excited about reading this book, I loved the movie “Devil wears Prada” but never read the book. Perfect for reading at the pool, beach or inside with the AC on full blast (this humidity is killing me already and it’s only early June!)


Gorjana & Griffin  Zuma Scarf  $62.00 value

I am in love with this scarf! This alone is worth twice what I paid for the box (I paid $30 with the promo code refer5).

(Also a coupon code to the Gorjana & Griffon website for $25.00 off your order.) I was checking out the website and they have some really amazing accessories and jewelry so it won’t be hard for me to use the coupon there.
Juice Beauty Stem Cell Repair Moisturizer 1.7 oz.  $65.00 Value + 2 CC Cream Samples
I have really fallen in love with this brand. I receive the Juice beauty Green apple peel sample in the May Birchbox and I loved it, I can’t wait to use this moisturizer.
Indiana Popcorn Fit Popcorn  $5.00? Value
I’m all about trying new healthy snacks, my personal weight loss goals have really benefited by not eating the same boring snacks and not limiting myself or restricting myself. (I have lost 55lbs since October 2011).

Project 7 Quench the thirsty mints $1.77 value

I love mints and love trying new products. Plus the packaging is super cute! (I’m not sure which flavor comes with the box, but I’m pretty sure you will only get one of the three)


Hard Candy Fitness Addicted to Sweat 4 MSRP $19.99
I like Workout DVDs and this should be fun to try out.
This box is worth over $165.00 not including the $25 off coupon that will be included!
Do you like spoilers? Let me know if you’ve gotten your Popsugar box, or if you’ve subscribed before. This is one of my favorite subscriptions and totally worth the $35 a month. All the products in the box are definitely worth the price because most of them are full size products.

On Monday I will update you with what came in my box so be sure to check back and look for the post!

If you want to subscribe go to: https://musthave.popsugar.com  and use the promo code Refer5 to get $5 off your box. Next month popsugar is turning one and I can’t wait to see what next month has in store!2a97c4e7543092cff814b35e4bedcd16

From the popsugar must-have site: Every month, Lisa Sugar and her editorial staff will curate an exciting monthly box full of fun, must-have picks across fashion, beauty, home decor, fitness, and more, which we will deliver to your door. The monthly box targets women ages 18-40 and features full-size products and premium items including tried-and-true classics, celebrity favorites, and brands consumers have yet to discover. Your monthly subscription box will include products worth over $100. (Please note: The $100 value is based on the manufacturer’s estimated MSRP at the time products are acquired by POPSUGAR.

disclaimer: I am subscribed to popsugar box with my own money. I was not paid by this company to write a post or mention them on this blog. All opinions on the East Coast Glamm blog are my own.