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Ciate Chalkboard Manicure™

How cute is this Chalkboard Manicure? I’m currently debating whether or not to buy this from Sephora. I have been on a shopping kick lately and have to admit that half of those purchases have been impulse buys (I’m not proud). It’s $25 and I can just imagine all of the amazing designs and doodles that have endless possibilities. I’m not usually a fan of Matte nail polish, but I’m in love with this idea.  You can also fix your mistakes and start over again. I have to give it to Ciate for being so inventive! I heard this also comes with a little booklet with ideas for designs.051413_Ciate_BrandImageUpdates

This set contains:
– Mattnificent Matte Top Coat
– Chalkboard Paint Pot
– 4 x Chalk Pens in Teachers Pet (blue), Satchel (white), Jump Rope (pink), Recess (yellow)



Have you tried this? what did you think? What are your favorite nail trends for spring/summer 2013?



Photos are from Sephora.com